Everyone loves being rememberd on special occassions. Show your love by selecting a book which compliments an interest in Arizona. Gift giving ideas for all ages are found in this category.

The Lost Dutchman Mine of Jacob Waltz, Part 1. The Golden Dream
"Liz" sent a note and indicated this book is worth a second purchase for gift-giving (Liz already has a copy). If the "Lost Dutchman's Mine" legend fascinates you, you'll enjoy this clever combination of facts, adventure and humor.

The Desert Is Theirs
A children's book providing information on the Papago Indians of Arizona.

Apache Rodeo
Children's (9-12) at the life of a Whitewater Apache Indian girl in today's life. An appealing introduction to Apache life today. abt $15.00

Cry Dance
A new (Mar 99) book - the reviewer describes "brooding Grand Canyon scenery" ... brooding would never be a word I would use for describing the inspirational scenery of Grand Canyon! PS: I haven't read the book, send a note if you have. Hardcover abt $17.00

Good Roads 1913 Tour Book
This book is so much fun - excellent gift choice for any occassion! Az Highways has reproduced a 1913 "driving manual" of Arizona, the B&W photographs of olden days are wonderful. You'll reminisce, speculate, and your curiosity will be teased as you read the old ads and view the images - you'll want to try locating every spot mentioned!

I purchased this book after meeting and talking with the author during a book signing at a local store. In the first afternoon, I read half-through the paperback nonstop. You'll be drawn to the characters of the book and appreciate the descriptive manner used by the author to portray the forboding Superstition Mountains at the turn of the century.
Enjoying the book, Annie!

People of the Short Blue Corn
Tales and Legends of the Hopi Indians - If interest lies with the Native People in Arizona, this book is a very nice choice. Some of the mystery and mystique of ancient beliefs are revealed in this interesting paperback.

Islands in the Desert
A History of the Uplands of Southeastern Arizona - Chronology of historical events shaping the history of Southeastern Arizona. Coronado's search for the Seven Cities of Cibola, Chiricahua Indian strongholds (Cochise & Geronimo), Mexican Revolution, Boom Towns, events are told with careful attention to detail in this hardcover edition. Time period is 1539-1946, includes maps.

The Mystery of the Lost Mine
Boxcar Children Mysteries are a great choice for youth - this book is set in Arizona and makes a great gift for children who have - or will be - visiting the state.

Hikes With Children
While on the subject of children, here is a great gift idea for families traveling to Arizona. This book details some of the easier, and more accessible, hiking trails in Arizona and offers tips on hiking with children.

Cowboy Humor
The humor of Alfred Henry Lewis, cowboy humor and cowboy poetry - two great forms of communication! This collection is sure to bring out a few chuckles and create a passion for more works in the laid-back fashion of cowboys.

The Cowboy Rides Away
A mystery novel set in Arizona - this is the author's first effort and is very good. Captivating reading for mystery lovers, a bonus that it is set in Arizona! Vivid descriptions of the Arizona desert help you understand why people live in remote desert regions.

The Archaeology of Ancient Arizona
Earth is revealing her secrets, more and more archaeological sites are discovered in Arizona, finding up-to-date information becomes difficult. This book offers a view of sites to 1997. Well written, colorful, and informational look at ancient ruins in Arizona. Hardcopy also available paperback.

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