Most of Arizona can easily be navigated with a good, all purpose statewide map. The towns are small and easily identified by State Highway signs.
The Metro Phoenix area is a major exception - you need a good road atlas to plan your route in the Valley of the Sun. There are 10+ cities/towns all hubbed together around Phoenix.
Tucson is growing, the town can still be managed with a statewide map - and, I cannot find a street atlas to recommend, on-line or otherwise, at this time.

Arizona Atlas & Gazetteer
A great resource for traversing Arizona! If you enjoy out of the way places and scenic areas, Arizona Atlas & Gazetteer will help you find your way - in and out.

2000 Road Atlas
This is the atlas I use for traversing Arizona. It is produced by Rand McNally and is a very good resource to keep handy. (Cover image is the '98 edition.)

Phoenix Street Guide
If driving in Phoenix, this map will be invaluable! The Metro Phoenix area is growing by leaps and bounds and a good reference map is a must. Book is spiral bound and has a map for overview of Phoenix Metro area. The real nice part - there are larger maps for each area (keyed to the overview of Phoenix) which is especially helpful. Easy to use.

Arizona Road/Recreational Atlas
I haven't used this atlas, however, it too is published by Rand McNally and they are a leader in map production. I do have their US Atlas and use it OFTEN. This should be a very good choice for Arizona maps (title says "recreation" atlas too, perhaps a bonus to plain map?)

Be sure to check in REGIONAL also - books which are area specific will be listed there.

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