Here is a "short list" of some titles I have found to be most useful for Arizona recreational activities.
Be sure to check REGIONAL and GENERAL for recreational titles also!

Outdoors in Arizona
One of the most current and comprehensive hiking/backpacking guides available. If you haven't started vacation plans yet, this book is sure to motivate you! An Arizona Highways publication.

100 Hikes in Arizona
Descriptions of exceptional day hikes and backpacks throughout Arizona. From Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon area to Sedona and southward to the deserts, this book profiles great hiking trails across the state.

Arizona's 144 Best Campgrounds
The author takes you on a detailed tour of Arizona's campgrounds. Tent, travel trailer and motorhome travel are all covered in this handy reference.

Outdoors in Arizona
Guide to Camping - fantastic resource for discovering great camping areas in Arizona. Images are immediately recognized as Arizona Highways quality.

Fishing Arizona
Guide to Arizona's Best Fishing - this book is loaded with information on fishing in Arizona, all the HoT SpoTs and tips on equipment.

Outdoors in Arizona
Another Arizona Highways publication (can I help it they are so good at what they do?) This book provide information on fishing throughout Arizona, loaded with information and images.
Arizona Trout Streams and Their Hatches : Fly-Fishing in the High Deserts of Arizona and Western New Mexico
A new book (Nov 98) with tons of info on Arizona's mountain streams! Paperback abt $15.00

Arizona Wildlife Viewing Guide
Arizona is loaded with wildlife and you can get an insider's view at where to look for what. This book is a "must have" for any visitor (or resident!) interested in wildlife.

Horse Trails in Arizona
Although most travelers rent horses from local stables and ride suggested trails, this book is filled with information on trails in Arizona just in case you can make a choice where to ride.

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