Here are a few suggestions for books of a regional nature in no particular order. I've tried to be real selective - I want you to have a great visit to "Wonder-FULL" Arizona - offering books to help you plan your vacation came along after the fact. Here's my "short list"

All My Rivers Are Gone : A Journey of Discovery Through Glen Canyon
"In All My Rivers Are Gone, she (author Katie Lee) has reconjured the heart of the canyon country, complete with its subtleties of light, its sensual forms, its erotic canyon sinuousities, down to the giggling, gurgling, sighing voice of the river itself." - A Flagstaff Reader Softcover abt $15.00   Hardcover abt $21.00

Citysmart Guidebook Tucson
A new (Oct 98) guide to Tucson Arizona Paperback abt $11.00

Rim Country Mountain Biking
Great Rides Along Arizona's Mogollon Rim - ummm ... I can smell the pines! Fresh, clean, mountain air and views which are unbelievable! This book guides you along the scenic trails and offers a bunch of tips and planning suggestions.

Tucson to Tombstone
Guide to Southeastern Arizona - Tips and tales are plentiful in this book. The author takes you on a journey through Southeastern Arizona.

Verde River Recreation Guide
This is an older book (1990) but not outdated. A good choice for Central Arizona visitors (Cottonwood - Sedona areas).

Hiking Arizona's Cactus Country
This little book is indispensible if you are planning to hike/explore Southern Arizona. Highlights hiking in saguaro and organ pipe cacti areas - you know, the cactus with arms. Organ Pipe National Monument and and Saguaro National Park offer excellent hiking experiences - this book gives you all the tips for planning your trip.

Hiking Central Arizona
Prescott, Sedona, Cottonwood - some of Arizona's most scenic landscape is outlined for you in this book on Central Arizona hiking. Great choice for day hikes, too.

Hiking Grand Canyon National Park
The "web" just doesn't do justice to the cover pic! I've mentioned (several times) the AZ Highways publications - well, Falcon Publishing sure leads the pack with hiking guides! This book is up-to-date, has easy to follow detailed instructions, and great tips and suggestions.

Hiking Northern Arizona
Another Falcon Publication - I could just say "ditto" to the information above but it just wouldn't be enough. This is a great book and very helpful for choosing/planning your hiking trip.

The Insiders' Guide to Tucson
Remember, back on the "maps" page, I mentioned it is hard to find titles on Tucson? Well, this is one title you won't want to pass by. It really is an "insiders" look and it is loaded with helpful tips to help you get the most from your visit to the "Desert Jewel"

Climber's Guide to Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon : Better Way to Die
Odd title? The scenic red rock area of Sedona and lush canyon along Oak Creek have so many recreational opportunities - here is another suggestion, climbing that gorgeous crimson rock (white sandstone along the creek) and viewing back over the valley below - WOW what a sight! If you are the athletic type and would be interested in this sport, this is the book for you. All levels, easy to difficult are covered.

Day Hikes Sedona Arizona
I've done my share of rappelling (climbers listed above) but now, I stay a little closer to the ground, perhaps the aging process. The hikes are more to my liking these days and again, the scenic areas of Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon are wonderful for this sport. This guidebook gives fantastic suggestions on day hikes in the Sedona area of Central Arizona. You'll treasure this book along with memories of your visit.

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