For some of the basic travel information, you just can't beat the standard guides. For a "closer look" at Arizona, there are some great guides available. A few are listed on this page, and area specific guides are in REGIONAL.

Fodor's 99 Arizona
The same high quality you expect of Fodor's Gold Guides. All the best places and features all the nicest amenities. Paperback abt $13.00

Frommer's Arizona '99
Another great travel guide. Includes the best of Arizona lodging and dining. Paperback abt $14.00

Doin' Arizona With Your Pooch!
Dog-Friendly Lodging & Outdoor Adventures in Arizona Paperback abt $16.00

Frommer's America on Wheels Southwest
This book is loaded with information! Especially helpful if you are making a driving tour of the Southwest - includes the "Four Corners" states, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah and identifies all the special places to visit in the National Parks this area is famed for.

Frommer's Grand Canyon National Park
Can you believe it? They packed all the information on Grand Canyon into a pocket sized book. Convenient to carry with you while you do your touring!

Arizona's Ghost Towns and Mining Camps
If the ghost towns and mining camps of Arizona is part of your travel plans, don't leave home without this little book! Loaded with information, early day/present day pictures (in Arizona Highways usual glory) and details on visiting these towns. Provides clear "how to get there" and "when you visit" information. I've discovered even some of my information is not as up-to-date as it could be with this little book - gotta find the time to correct it.

Arizona's Historic Escapes
This one is a jewel! The author provides a look at all the historic buildings throughout Arizona, many of the popular resorts are also included. Written by an "insider" too, - the author is an Arizona native!

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