Native Lands

Fourteen Indian tribes are found within Arizona. Each tribe is distinct and the people and culture are unique within each tribe, however all are proudly united by their Indian Heritage. More than 19 million acres of land belongs to the twenty reservations.

The story of the Indian people is brought to life in their art forms and their cultural and social gatherings. It is a proud and spiritual story, woven into the tapestries and baskets, carved in the jewelry and pottery, crafted by skilled artists. (Purchasing Native American Artwork.)

The story of the Indian people is brought to life in the ceremonies, many of which are now open to the public. From the Mul-Cha-Tha "Gathering of the People" to the Snake Dances to the many other ceremonial activities, the public is given opportunity to view and participate in Indian history and culture.

Many tribes now host cultural centers, hubs of education and history, which are open to the public. Most Tribes offer annual social events including "All Indian Rodeos", pageants, and craft fairs. Many tribes also offer camping, hunting & fishing. (Camping/Hunting/Fishing on Native Lands) Although gambling is illegal in Arizona, many of the reservations (separate political entities) now have gaming available.

Below is the list of reservations located in Arizona. To find information on a particular reservation, please click on that reservation below.

North Valley

Ak-Chin Reservation

South Valley

Camp Verde Reservation

Central Arizona

Cocopah East & West Reservation

Colorado River

Fort Mohave Reservation

Colorado River

Fort Yuma Reservation

Colorado River

South Valley

Hualapai Reservation

Canyon High Country

Kaibab-Paiute Reservation

Canyon High Country

Navajo Reservation

Route 66

Tohono O'odham Reservation

Southeast Desert

Yavapai-Prescott Reservation


Camping - Hunting - Fishing on Native Lands

You are required to have a permit (not an Arizona permit) from the reservation where you plan to engage in these activities. Native Lands are not Arizona State lands and each reservation establishes their own regulations on these recreational activities. Contact information for the reservations is provided on the reservation's informational page (links above).

Most of the reservations offer camping, hunting and fishing and each reservation includes scenic, sometimes pristine, areas for recreation.

Please visit, enjoy and respect Native Lands while visiting Arizona!